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"Thank you for checking out my page! A little about myself: I'm in my early 30s, short, petite and just a little ball of fire, lol. Speaking of balls of fire, I'm also an experienced poi spinner and do both LED and fire poi. Ask nicely, and maybe I'll perform for you *Wink*

I'm super friendly and can be a bit of a charmer at times. I like to laugh and joke and genuinely get a kick out of life! I consider myself an optimist and just an all around happy person. I'm a simple hippie chick that appreciates all the little magical things this world has to offer.

I love having deep, philosophical conversations about life, the universe and everything! ( bonus points if you get that reference lol) I enjoy reading and have an extensive book and comic book collection. I also love to create art and mainly do pointillism type pieces.

I also make jewelry with wire and crystals ( see, hippie chick. lol) I'm usually online, so if you're just as bored as I am, hit me up to chat! I always welcome the distraction lol."

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