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All Is Fair In Love And War On Twitter

PUBLISHED ON February 27, 2015 | STAFF

Amber Rose Downtown Abbey

Recently, model Amber Rose went on a online rampage in a series of Tweets and Instagram posts insulting her ex-boyfriend rapper Kanye West, and members of his wife's family, the Kardashians. Who else better to commentate on the drama as it unfolds than Maggie Smith of Downton Abbey? She loves the drama, and this public social media fight between the two ex lovers would have her amused.

These Maggie Smith gifs are the perfect response to the recent online feud between Amber Rose and Kanye West!

It all started when Amber appeared on the Breakfast Club, a radio show in New York City, and criticized Kim's 17-year old sister, Kylie Jenner.

Before long, Khloe (Kim's younger sis) rushed to Kylie's defense on Twitter. Then, the fun really began.

Things escalated rather quickly when Amber striked back at her ex's sister-in-law.

But NOTHING declares war more than posting an Instagram meme. Or two. Of your ex...

A photo posted by Amber Rose (@amberrose) on

And his wife's entire family...

A photo posted by Amber Rose (@amberrose) on

Kanye broke his silence a week later saying, "I had to take 30 showers to date Kim after dating Amber." Ouch!

Amber took things to another level when she heard Yeezy's harsh words.

Perhaps she forgot that she dragged the man she "once loved" into all of this?

But she still had more to say about her ex's new family.

Gotta love an ironic twist...

Nobody is perfect. But all is fair in love and war.

The best advice Maggie Smith would give Amber Rose?


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