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"So who AM I, really? I don't know. I grow and evolve so often that I can't keep up with who I really am. I'm not sure I'll ever know, because I believe the point of humanity--and the divinity that we are granted--is the transcendence that we are able to achieve, so long as we continue to work on ourselves. I run in and out of my spirituality. Sometimes it's more important than others. Sometimes I have to put my spirituality to the wayside in order to face changes and grow, but I know it's always there. Life is a constant balance of the material and the akasha. For, as humans of substance, we cannot abandon all material, and as beings of substance, we cannot only hold onto the spirit world. It is our job to find a special balance between our yin and our yang. So, who AM I?

I am a White Witch. My life revolves around my spiritual values, derived from other beliefs and the way I choose to follow my own path. "As it harm none, do what ye will," states the Wiccan Rede. I acknowledge the need to put back into the Earth and the Universe as much as I take. I guide myself and others to be the very best that they can be.

I am the ATHAME. I am the dagger that guides my intent. I am magickal. Through Power of Intent and Positive desires, I call on the elements, the directions, the powers beyond me, and the energy within me, to do good for myself and others.

I am always learning. I care about knowledge so much, that I make it a point to learn new concepts, ideas, philosophies, etc. on a daily basis. I am constantly researching EVERYTHING that interests me.

I am the Dormouse...Feed Your Head

I am a Cancer, ruled by the Moon, ruled by water, ruled by passion. My energy is feminine and contains all aspects of the Goddess.

I am Primal. I howl out my heartache at the moon. I moan and scream and cry so that I know I am free. I am me. Lustful, rocky, disturbing, imbalanced, beautiful, sick, twisted, delicate, bitch, lover, sadist, me. I'm primal. I love both ends of the rope. Not a submissive, not a dominant, but somewhere undefined where my urges and passions lead me through life, as I understand it to be.

Because I am always evolving, my profile does not stay the same for long, as I learn, change, grow... A major step towards enlightenment is evolution of the mind. I embrace change. So with that, Universe, bring on the new days ahead!