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"Hello there! I'm a homebody that occasionally goes out to the club for a nice night of drinking & dancing. When I'm not in the club I'm most likely at home doing something on the computer. I'm obsessed with keeping my body tight. I like to do the traditional gym workout as well as yoga. I almost forgot to mention my pole dancing hobby ;-)

I listen to all kinds of music but my favorite is R&B. When I drink my drink of choice is either beer, wine, whiskey, vodka or tequila. I don't smoke cigarettes but I do chill with Mary Jane if u catch my drift ;-)

I'm a woman so of course I LUV to shop. I absolutely luv me some shoes!!! I have almost 200 pairs & still want MORE! You can never have too many shoes :))

I went to school for photography & I'm certified as a intermediate photographer. I plan on going back to school in the fall. I luv everything Apple!! A self renowned selfie queen LOL. I swear I take at least one pic of myself rather I'm in makeup or not. Want to get inside my head more?? Well give me a call & get to know me :)"

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