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"Need someone to talk to?" I do. I'm almost always available via text for some impromptu, no-strings, no-expectations fun... but I'm also on the lookout for someone special I can really get to know & connect with for the GFE (Girlfriend experience). A man who can give me the attention I deserve as my online lover.

I am an intelligent, sincere, petite, lonely MILF at your service. Completely addicted to intellectual pursuits like politics, science & psychology, I LOVE to help guys with their sexuality & love life. I'm here for the man who is searching for a hot, smart, caring woman to REALLY open up & be vulnerable with — a man whom I can share my intimate secrets with as well. I'm super open-minded & I really want to get to know you intimately. I want to open you up in ways you never have to anyone else — perhaps even to yourself. Are you ready? I am here for you when you need a good friend, a woman's perspective or someone to share secrets with. (I love secrets! Ask me about MY dirty secrets too!) *blushes* ^_^

Just a few of the topics I enjoy: being dominant (Femdom), GFE, CFNM, male chastity, BDSM, DP, cuckolding, bisexual/bicurious MMF threesomes, sounding, feet/foot fetish, BBC, small penis, SPH, & anything in between. My very favorite topics include pegging, strap-on, dildos, anal/prostate stimulation, heteroflexible guys, fetishes & more. I <3 any race, any age, experienced, inexperienced, mature men, younger men, LGBTQ & subs!! I can't wait to dive deep into your inner curiosities for my own pleasure — and yours. Be my guilty pleasure right now and let me explore you.

An added service: If you would like a woman's opinion of your anatomy, I will be MORE than happy to take a good look & give you my private, honest opinion at your request. ^_^

I also have a huge passion for comforting men through the private struggles of things like sexual orientation, sexless marriage, infidelity (either partner), addiction, past abuse/trauma (PTSD), and anything else you might need to get off your chest. I've found men open up so much more via text because they don't have to say their deepest secrets, emotions, hopes and dreams out loud. Sex-positive, body-positive, non-judgmental, compassionate, reliable emotional support is just a text away. Your secrets are COMPLETELY safe with me. I'll be your most trusted confidant. Let's schedule a daily conversation, or you can just check in with me as needed. No expectations. No strings. I love to chat about anything & everything all night long or whenever you're free.

Curious what's on my mind? I definitely want to know what's on yours! Shoot me a text & see what I'm up to right now...