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"I am 100 minds wrapped into one, my passion runs deep for so many things I could not make a list.

My days are full of warm rich coffee, music, study and writing. I love all things beautiful and soulful, then in turn horror and mind F8ck.

I am one of a kind, mind body and soul. Take time and you may get to know me....

Few off the top things I feel need within my life and or ocd over

abstract mathematics

Chaotic nature

The butterfly affect

The base and core of magick and science as the one that they are.

The human mind,

the power of will,

the break down of atoms,



( note "Watch the movie PI")



. I believe we can do anything with our minds,

I believe we have the blueprints in the patterns to become "god"

Body Roping





The core

Macrocosm and Microcosm

Odd world


Forgotten places (buildings!)

good talks with good people

The smell of fall

The sound of leaves under my boots

Simple things

Amazing things

The smell and feel of books in my hands

Making films