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Do You Know The Difference Between Playing Hard To Get Vs. She's Not Interested?

PUBLISHED ON March 20, 2015 | STAFF


We like the challenge of finally getting something that you really want after a hard effort. But do u know when to throw in the towel in and give up, or put on the gloves and work harder?

Take this quick quiz and find out if you can tell the difference between playing hard to get, and whether she's just not interested. Then, learn how to decode the difference between the two by her actions and body language.

Do You Want Me Or Not?

We've all been there before. Uncertain if a person is actually showing you mixed signals, flirting, or just being nice. It can be tiring, and after a while it gets old trying to figure it out.

Nobody likes to have their time wasted, and especially waste their efforts and resources on someone when it could be refocused for a more practical cause.

Women are complex creatures, that's for sure! Here are some ways to know if she's flirting, and interested in dating you or if she's avoiding you the Plague!

She's Not Into You, Bro

If a woman isn't interested in dating you, she might not come right out and be direct about it. So take these hints, to figure it out on your own.

1) She doesn't laugh at your jokes.

What it means: If a woman "likes you, likes you," she will laugh at your jokes even if you're not funny.

2) She refuses to make eye contact with you, or allows you to get in close proximity to her.

What it means: She doesn't want to lead you on, or think you have a chance with dating her, so she's not going to entertain the idea of gazing into your eyes.

3) She tries to set you up with one of her friends.

What it means: She's passing you on, because she would rather not be with you.

4) She responds back an entire day (sometimes 2 days) with "I just saw this text."

What it means: She wants to keep conversation very casual. She's letting you know that she's not interested in dating you.

5) She cancels plans... regularly.

What it means: She feels bad about saying no, but when it comes down to it, she knows she can't meet up with you and lead you on.


Playing Hard To Get

If a woman is interested in getting to know you, she might play games to test how hard you will work for her attention.

1) She answers your texts, but never within 10 minutes.

What it means: She doesn't want to come off as a thirsty chick, so she's going to keep you waiting on edge for a bit. Give her a call instead, so she knows you're serious.

2) She isn't interested in hanging out last minute, because she already has something planned.

What it means: She doesn't want to come off as available at the sound of your voice when you decide to make plans sporadically. She wants you to plan something well in advance.

3) She tells you that her weird neighbor hit on her.

What it means: She is letting you know that she has suitors at her door. You have some competition, but you're still the first in line.

4) She is very vague about her whereabouts and future plans.

What it means: She is staying mysterious, but she is also keeping her options open for you to ask her out.

5) She lets you kiss her, and then quickly pulls back with a smile.

What it means: She is interested, but wants to make you work a little harder to get her full attention.

Please note that their exceptions to every rule, and that every woman is different. But knowing these signs can help you from being discouraged about pursuing a lady, and knowing when to stop trying.


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