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Does Lying Make You a Good Partner?

PUBLISHED ON February 11, 2015 | STAFF

© Clancy Martin with The New York Times Released the article: Good Lovers Lie. But is lying to your significant other really what makes a better partner?

Martin claims “Relationships last only if we don’t always say exactly what we’re thinking.” But shouldn’t love be unconditional? Shouldn’t the person you are with love you for all of you, and that includes what you're honestly thinking? Maybe the problem is that people don’t want to hear the truth. Possibly, once you accept that not everyone has the same opinion, it could make your relationship stronger.

So I suppose it boils down to whether you’re partner WANTS the truth or not. But if they can’t accept the truth’s you have to give, maybe they aren’t the right fit.

Personally, I would much rather hear the honest opinions of my significant other. Even if it hurts to hear, I don’t want to be left in the dark when it comes to my partner’s thoughts or feelings. The famous question ‘Does this make me look fat?’ Yes, I TRULY want to know if I look fat in this outfit. Don’t lie to me to spare my feelings. But, I have accepted that my partner and I will not always share the same opinions. We can be honest with each other, even if we disagree, and love each other for those disagreements.

“When it comes to love, both honesty and deception should be practiced in moderation. Only then can we celebrate the intoxicating illusions of love.” There is no “illusion” of love. It either is, or it isn’t. Possibly, lying in moderation to one another is the ‘illusion’. Maybe once you are completely honest with one another you can decide whether it is love or not.


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