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Gen- Y: Addicted To Cell Phones Or Addicted To The Love of Communication?

PUBLISHED ON March 17, 2015 | STAFF


Falling in love is available at one's fingertips...literally! Interpersonal relationships are drastically changing for Gen-Y with the ability to constantly communicate. While some may think this as a bad thing, research has proven that technology plays a significant role in the progression of falling in love.

As of late, it seems that Generation Y has been labeled as instant gratification gluttons with an inability to love. The blame is often pointed at the “constant access to technology...computers and cell phones". On the contrary, technology and social media has paved the way for communication between crushes, and plays a huge part in forming relationships.

40 years ago, falling in love would have taken over two months. In today's society, Gen-Y is ditching the traditional approach of courtship, with technology to thank. As Elle Krupnik puts it, this is "a time of 24/7 communication, long-distance love, and digital connections". Our methods of finding love and falling in love is drastically changing, and a huge cause of this is through cell phones. In these modern times, it's remarkable to note that young couples are capable of having beautiful love stories too.

The most common way to start a flirtationship is through Twitter and texting. According to a study conducted by PIX Mania, found that on average it takes 224 tweets, 163 messages, 70 Facebook messages, 37 emails and 40 phone calls to fall in love. These statistics sums up how vital the role of a cell phone is in starting and maintaining a relationship.

New York Times Modern Love's editor Daniel Jones poses the question: “How do we get the emotional without the physical?” For millennials, our cell phones aren't just cold wired mobiles devices to make a quick phone call. Technology is vital to us because it affects our emotional state. To us, they symbolize communication with the ones we care about. A way to meet a new lover. A camera to capture those specials moments in life. Social media apps that allow us to reconnect and meet new friends. Video calls to see loved ones faces from miles away. Alarm clocks and calendars to keep us organized so we remember. So give us a break!

Communication is an essential part of maintaining a relationship, and with the technology around us, it's only helping to ensure that we do it just that.


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