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How To Attract More Women With Your Online Dating Profile

PUBLISHED ON March 30, 2015 | STAFF


What does your dating profile say about you? Better yet, what are women really looking for when they scour your profile? What makes them attracted to you as a potential partner?

We found the 10 top things that ladies are looking for when they are trying to see if there could be a connection. Check out this list so you can build the perfect online profile to attract more women!

10. Leave Your Baggage Offline

When women are looking for their potential partner, they don't want to see pictures of you and your ex with your old dog. Spare those past experience details until you're emotionally drawn to one another.

9. Insecurities

Women (and everyone else) are attracted to confidence! So don't mention in your profile that "I'm just giving this a shot", or "I have no idea why I'm using this" because it makes you come off as weak and terrified. Own the fact that you are looking for somebody out there and that you're proud of this ongoing search. Keep in mind that online dating is a great confidence booster!

8. No Slang Or Pretentiousness Vocab

Your vocabulary is one of the first things that a woman will notice. Make sure that you don't include any slang in your profile, or any curse words. It's also important to not come off as too formal or like a pretentious know-it-all. Remember; no one likes a sesquipedalian.

7. Your I.Q.

Women take the time to get all dressed up, and look pretty under the expectations that your conversation will be lively and interesting. So show that you're interested in learning new things, and sharing new experiences with someone. No one wants to date a moron, and at the same token, someone who thinks they know it all/done it all.

6. Are You Close By?

Proximity is an important part in helping women deciding on who to actually meet up with. Women are more likely to go out with a guy who is geographically more accessible. That's why your city, and zip code are so important in your profile.

5. Do You Mean Well?

Obviously, a woman wants to feel safe. So letting her know in your profile that you are open to meeting up for a cup of coffee, or somewhere else public reassures her that you have good intentions. Don't press a women for her phone number, after barely chatting with her, as it comes off a bit aggressive/eager. Also, it would be best to gain her trust by allowing her to pick the time and place.

4. Can You Make Her Laugh?

This is a HUGE one for women! Have you noticed that a "ladies man", always has a great sense of humor? No one wants to go on a date with a boring person, and women just adore a guy who can make her laugh. So crack a joke, or say something silly on your profile and get her smiling! Just make sure the jokes are in good taste.

3. Financial Stability

You don't have to be loaded by any means, but showing that you have a career that is or can be potentially successful will score you big points with the ladies. "73.9% of guys mislead girls when it comes to money, job and their income," according to Posing with your friend's Lamborghini might look cool to you, but it's an outright lie, because it misrepresents who you truly are.

2. Your Profile Should Reflect What You're Looking For

If you are looking for a casual fling, your profile should highlight your physical appearance and sex appeal. However if you are looking for a long-term relationship, your profile should demonstrate how you are marriage material. But please be honest about what you are looking for.

1. Your Pictures

Finally, the most important things is your profile picture. This is because it's usually the first thing your potential partner will see. Make sure that the pic is recent, and of course, it's you. No one likes being Catfished.


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