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Jealous Boyfriend Snaps Over His Girlfriend's SnapChat BFF

PUBLISHED ON February 12, 2015 | STAFF

You won't believe how this jealous guy goes cray cray in a Facebook rant! We're actually happier this played out in text instead a physical fight.

Gone are the days where two men would challenge one another to a duel over a female by taking it outside. Remember that epic fight with Hugh Grant and Colin Firth from the movie Bridget Jones's Diary?

Apparently, those days seem to be over! And rightfully so. Today, some dudes are find it easier to just take it online. Why use your fist when you can use Facebook, right?

That's what one guy did in an attempt to defend his girlfriend McKenna, who he is deeply madly in love with. So crazy in love, that he flips out on Kenna's SnapChat BFF and goes COMPLETELY BALLISTIC in a hilarious rant on Facebook. We can only imagine what would have happened face to face! In the guy's defense...he does seem to be "sorry" an awful lot for coming at the man he's threatened by so harshly.

1. Out of the frying pan, and into the fire...

stop snapchatting mckenna

2. "Sorry I bothered you, kid..."

don't care if you snap her occasionally

3. So sincerely sorry.

dude apologizes

4. In between bragging about his penis size...

dick size

5. What a good friend!

another apology

6. This guy just broke the record for times you can apologize in a cyber fight.

another apology

7. Then he goes right back into penis size.

weak and small dick

8. At this point, he has completely lost it!

the fucking truth

9. But at least he pays his "respects"

pays respect

We doubt that this bro would have apologized as many times as he did if he wasn't typing. We're just happy no one got hurt, because this guy was WAY too close to the edge!


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