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Weekly Roundup on Relationships

PUBLISHED ON March 03, 2015 | STAFF

![Image](http://media.dreamlover.com.s3.amazonaws.com/blogs/2015/03/644/hilight.jpg ) “Love Padlock" by MsSaraKelly is licensed under CC by 2.0

There are countless relationship advice columns and articles posted every day online. Our staff has chosen this week’s most noteworthy posts regarding relationships for the week ending March 1st. It’s up to you whether you take the advice or not in our weekly roundup.

Why Nice Guys Finish Last 1.

![Image](http://media.dreamlover.com.s3.amazonaws.com/blogs/2015/03/634/hilight.jpg ) ©istock.com/biffspandex On February 25th, Stephanie Hayman with Elite Daily wrote The Real Reason Why Women Choose Assh*les Instead of Nice Guys.

Personally I wouldn’t refer to guys as assh_les, it’s a bit derogatory. If a man had written the story Why Men Choose B_tches Instead of Nice Girls, it wouldn’t go over well with the female community. Maybe a better title might be: ‘Why Women Prefer Inconsiderate Guys’ or ‘Why Women Are Attracted To Bad Boys’. Haymen has a few valid points. Women have a tendency to go for guys that are less attainable, as opposed to the quintessential ‘nice guy’ who is easier and more accommodating. Women like a challenge and they feel some sort of accomplishment when attaining the unattainable. Bottom line guys, you need to be that perfect medium: nice but not a pushover, and available but not overbearing.

2. Common Lies Women Tell On First Dates

Image ©istock.com/ostill Lane Moore with Cosmopolitan wrote 12 Things Women Lie About On First Dates on February 27th.

Moore lists 12 lies women give on a first date. It's a pretty accurate list, but primarily used on bad dates. If you have a good connection with someone or are really interested, lying may not be necessary on a first date.

3. The Main Differences Between Love And Lust

Image “Foreplay” by Bryan Brenneman is licensed under CC by 2.0 On February 25th, Brandon Davis with Elite Daily wrote Lust Is Not Love: 3 Of Their Key Differences That Are Often Confused.

It can be confusing to tell the difference between love and lust. So having 3 differences to question whether you're in love or lust is extremely helpful. According to Davis, lust is just temporary and fades, where love has the long term in mind. But I often wonder: can you lust after someone you love? Because I often do.

The Science Behind Cuddling 4.

![Image](http://media.dreamlover.com.s3.amazonaws.com/blogs/2015/03/633/hilight.jpg ) ©istock.com/bmcent1 On February 25th, Kate Hakala with Mic.com wrote Science Shows People Who Love Cuddling Have a Proven Advantage Over Everyone Else.

Proving that physical touch is good for your relationship is all the motivation I need to be touchy feely. It makes sense that physical affection can improve a relationship, seeing as how humans need somatic interaction. The physical intimacy provides reassurance and commitment in the relationship. So keep holding hands and spooning.

Why Guys Go Missing In Action 5.

Image ©istock.com/AleksandarNakic Stephanie Sharlow with Elite Daily wrote Mr. Disappearing Act: Why Guys Sometimes Leave With No Answers On February 24th.

Guys should be more courteous and break things off instead of just going MIA. Sharlow writes a hypothetical letter asking a guy that stopped responding to just tell her why, and to just be up front. I mean, do you really need a reason? What if his reasoning for not calling or texting were superficial, and he was too nice to tell you. Would it really make you feel better to hear that he didn't like your butt, or that your perfume offended him. You dont need to hear it first hand to get closure, just accept that it wasn't meant to be, and move on.


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