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"You have probably come across tons of yummie girls before your eye caught my profile , don't you ? Well , I'm not intimidated in the least hehe ;)

That's because womanhood to me is about feeling comfy in your own skin and being able to see that sparkle in yourself and say : " I'm amazing and worthwile ! "

Each woman is a beautiful woman , each man is a beautiful man : it all comes to seeing the beauty in yourself and let your inner firework come out !

I want to show my inner firework to the world daily ! I love to dress up on my sassiest and classiest to see all faces turning when I cross peoples path . Most not realizing that there is " something different about her " . Wanna know what that difference is ? I'm a transgender woman or better said a transgender girl .

I am a woman with a twist of mystery and more glamourous than average .

Nowadays women don't dress up very exquise and fancy anymore . That's such a shame ! Being a transgirl I've always realized the effects and magic of a lovely long dress and ornations like a bit of glitter and eye shadow ,... Especially stilletos make me a spicy woman . Red stilletos ! When I'm wearing those or a pair of lovely high Hogan Shoes all men of a sudden come ask me how late it is because : " I forgot my watch at home " and to thank me it's always : " I know a great restaurant around the corner , wanna have a quick bite ? "

In my last year of high school I had a lot of guys asking me out to go to the proms with them . I wore a pearl wite dress covered with thousands of little brilliants to go . All guys came to offer me a drink that day . I didn't make myself very popular with the female folks because of that but hey I'm a straight girl , it's the guys who count ! You know with who I went ? I went with Logan , a very shy and sweet guy who's damn handsome but didn't have the nerves to ask someone out . Well , I became his date and it was one of the loveliest experiences in my life ! He was so charming and so galant which are two things that stand in high esteem with me .

I'm not only a classy vamp who loves charity , no , I'm also a very brave girl !

Going at the movies with a cute guy I would never opt for Titanic or Step Up like billions of other girls would . I would rather choose a movie with some action ! I'm a huge fan of action , I definitely don't like passivity ! Further I work out three times a week to keep my body in form : hourglass figure .

On rare occassions , especially when I received good news , I'm dancing in my bedroom , awakening the neighbours with my noise , or turning on the radio as loud as I can when taking a hot , long bath .

I don't like quick showers , I'm rather into a long , relaxing , hot bath ... I love to take care of myself you see !

Wanna check out this spicy girl ?

Well , come one , pick up that phone ! I don't bite , unless you want me to ;)


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