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"I'm a handful, but that's what you have 2 hands for ;)

I'm a northern girl so I enjoy deer hunting, fishing and being outside. I don't like taking the fish off my hook though or baiting it for that matter, but I love being on the lake! :P

I love singing and dancing, which is what you'll see me doing a lot of in my house. I do enjoy going out dancing though and to karaoke (Tanya_Rae if you're on Sing!) I am obsessed with working out (specifically crossfit) and try to train 4 days a week. I'm a full-time mom to 4 crazy, beautiful kids.

I'm a makeup artist when I want to be but finding the time isn't always easy. I love football and drinking beer :) I talk with my hands and can be a bit feisty, so need someone who can handle me.

I love life and smile all the time :)"