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"Hey there, darlin'!

I'm Mistral.

I'm a short, curvy little nursing student that loves to meet new people and have a good time! Most anyone that knows me says that I talk almost too much, so you won't have any issue getting me to be chatty!

I'm a natural blonde, but my hair color changes so often that it's almost silly to mention it. I have a preference for reds or bright colors when I dye it, but I like to keep things new and interesting, so don't expect it to ever be the same thing twice.

I have a rather large tattoo that wraps all the way around my torso, and a few smaller ones, too. I also have 15 piercings, though i don't always keep them all in. Hopefully you like the alt look!!

I work midnight shifts, so my schedule can be a little crazy. However, this just means that I could be free to talk really any time of the day!

Send me a text! I look forward to getting to know you and having a little fun ;-*"